a re-intro to the blog:)

OMG. i have had this thing for sooooooooo long and even though i stray for a few month or maybe even years, i can always come back.

here we go again, a bullet list of all that has happened since we last met.

  • the girls are all doing well. Chloe is entering her sophomore year at Hunter College and doing super well. who knew that my shy little girl would grow into such a well spoken, articulate and driven young woman? she amazes me everyday. Miss Zoe is entering her junior year and making strides every, single, day. and then there is Devyn….my bittersweet little me child. AHHHHHHH, she makes life interesting to say the least. it is always interesting around here:)
  • the #maciasroadtrip2015 came to end and it was crazy to say the least. it has taken me this long to get back in order. we laughed, we cried, we fought but most of all we reconnected as a family. THAT was a good thing.
  • as far as i go? still documenting, still taking pictures, still writing down stories and adding visual elements. it is what i am and what i always will be. documenting is at my core:)
  • another thing i have been actively pursuing is reading. so far i have read about five book this summer. i will try and review them here soon.
  • one thing i will never, ever stop doing is watching movies…and man have i watched some duds….and many so-so’s and some GREAT ones. another thing to review at another time.


and so i go on….doing the things i love and getting from day to day in this crazy world we live in.

it is all GOOD:)

next time i will be doing a new overview of how i am documenting these days.


Where do we go from here?

this is my general consensus these days. lots of changes, too many for my anxiety ridden brain to deal with. so here is a bullet list, because it is easier to think in small bits and pieces.

  • devyn is graduating from 8th grade. my days as a mom of littles are officially over. it will be one of those things in life where you have to pull up the granny panties and get with the program.
  • the aforementioned child has blossomed into quite the emo child.whenever i complain, i am reminded that i was worse than she is. her wardrobe is all shades of blue and black with a generous amount of band t-shirts. sigh.
  • my big is making me prouder by the day. she finished her freshman year without losing her mind and is actually looking forward to next year. i love that she got my need for education and learning. always learning,
  • and my middle…..oh, my precious middle babe with all her stuff. she is a bundle of nerve endings that fire off ALL THE TIME. she keeps me on my toes.
  • a new phase is starting in our lives and it is sooooooo scary. say little prayer for me, if you are inclined:)
  • i had a little (ok not so little) health scare that put me in my place. yes, Universe…i get it, ok?
  • and that is about it.

today: scattered thoughts.

ok….here goes. a bullet point list because i am feeling especially scattered today.

  • lots of digital pages in the last few weeks. not all mine and sometimes it makes me annoyed that some people take my memory keeping for granted. it is not easy. it is not cheap. actually it is NOT free at all. memory keeping is what i love, but i do not like anyone taking advantage of me. i NEED to learn to say no.
  • i have a super cute and especially adorable angel who has made it possible for me to keep scrapbooking with new supplies. THANK YOU!!!!! there are no words for all you have done for me. check her out @ http://www.thedigitalpress.co and search for karla dudley. her stuff is the best. period. bar none:)
  •  feeling a lot of guilt for getting a new computer. we needed it, but still….
  • one part of me needs to be organized and clutter free, the other feels stuck one frozen because of the same reason.
  • devyisanartisatkd_pocketpals3_85x11_2
  • i just printed this page on costco photo paper. it is going straight onto my 2015 book. no looking back.
  • yesterday i put all my printed pictures into a plastic box. they will get scrapped on way or another.

i have a box of fifty 8×8 pages from persnickety coming soon. just the thought of what to do with them paralyzes me. there is no ROOM!!!! ok. feel better now.

Today: it is a brand new me (sort of)

so i have been away , like forever… the NYC is so depressing when it snows. it doesn’t help that we are homebodies at heart and that no-one wants to go anywhere. what have i been doing? well, funny you should ask. the last few months have been full of movies, music, books and family time.it is good that we can all tolerate each other’s company in this dreary, dreary winter….but i think we are all starting to get on each others nerves. it happens, right?

i am ready for spring, with all the allergies, colds and overall messiness that follows. i am ready to get out of the house,start outdoor projects and finally be able to shed the socks. ugh…socks. they are the bane of my existence.

also, i am migrating to a new computer and it is driving me bonkers. updating to PSE13 at the same time was MAYBE not a good idea. it’s a good thing i am a fast learner:)


old pictures are always better scrapped digitally. this is the God honest truth. a little scanning, edit a little and the pictures have a new life:) that is always good. supplies from Karla Dudley.

and that is it from my corner of the universe.

starting off 2015 with a BANG!

words cannot express how much i love my girl Karla Dudley. she inspires me to continue my digital scrapping:) how could you not want to do dig when she comes out with products like theses? this spread is made with a bunch of of not so good iPhoto pics.

resolution #one: get the good camera out more. seriously.

christmaseve1ad_gilded_template23 christmaseve2ad_gilded_template22

finishing up 2015 6×8 albums:)

resolution #2: make more memories. keep it simple and any format will do.


IMG_2974 IMG_2975 IMG_2976 IMG_2977 IMG_2978


going back to digital this year:) i want to make photobooks to keep space down. also, i am keeping an ongoing 8.5×11 album for the occasional paper stuff and odd larger pages.

resolution #3: memory keep. that is all:)

NYE2_2015kd_pocketpals1_12x12_4 NYE20151kd_pocketpals3_12x12_2

looking forward to 2015:))))

a HUGE project photo dump:)

the last few weeks have been hard. being a single mom is not easy, but we are making it thru:)

a few bullet points about what i have been up to:

* stocked up on 6×8 sheet protectors and adhesive.

* started using my portrait more. it really helps when you are trying to budget scrap…it is so easy to just cut a bunch of titles and use them on pages instead of letter stickers or thickers.

*loving pocket scrapping, 8.5×11 and using digital elements on my pages.

* being ok with throwing scraps away, especially after i have made a bunch of projects with the same stuff.

*i actually read a whole BOOK: joyland by stephen king.

* trying to not geek out over the trailers for The Force Awakens. i will be so sad if it sucks.

and last, but not least, hoping that the snow does not stick:) the NYC is so not fun when the slush starts developing.

IMG_2165 IMG_2167  IMG_2169 IMG_2171 IMG_2174 IMG_2177 IMG_2179 IMG_2180 IMG_2181