today: scattered thoughts.

ok….here goes. a bullet point list because i am feeling especially scattered today.

  • lots of digital pages in the last few weeks. not all mine and sometimes it makes me annoyed that some people take my memory keeping for granted. it is not easy. it is not cheap. actually it is NOT free at all. memory keeping is what i love, but i do not like anyone taking advantage of me. i NEED to learn to say no.
  • i have a super cute and especially adorable angel who has made it possible for me to keep scrapbooking with new supplies. THANK YOU!!!!! there are no words for all you have done for me. check her out @ and search for karla dudley. her stuff is the best. period. bar none:)
  •  feeling a lot of guilt for getting a new computer. we needed it, but still….
  • one part of me needs to be organized and clutter free, the other feels stuck one frozen because of the same reason.
  • devyisanartisatkd_pocketpals3_85x11_2
  • i just printed this page on costco photo paper. it is going straight onto my 2015 book. no looking back.
  • yesterday i put all my printed pictures into a plastic box. they will get scrapped on way or another.

i have a box of fifty 8×8 pages from persnickety coming soon. just the thought of what to do with them paralyzes me. there is no ROOM!!!! ok. feel better now.


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