Today: it is a brand new me (sort of)

so i have been away , like forever… the NYC is so depressing when it snows. it doesn’t help that we are homebodies at heart and that no-one wants to go anywhere. what have i been doing? well, funny you should ask. the last few months have been full of movies, music, books and family is good that we can all tolerate each other’s company in this dreary, dreary winter….but i think we are all starting to get on each others nerves. it happens, right?

i am ready for spring, with all the allergies, colds and overall messiness that follows. i am ready to get out of the house,start outdoor projects and finally be able to shed the socks. ugh…socks. they are the bane of my existence.

also, i am migrating to a new computer and it is driving me bonkers. updating to PSE13 at the same time was MAYBE not a good idea. it’s a good thing i am a fast learner:)


old pictures are always better scrapped digitally. this is the God honest truth. a little scanning, edit a little and the pictures have a new life:) that is always good. supplies from Karla Dudley.

and that is it from my corner of the universe.


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