a re-intro to the blog:)

OMG. i have had this thing for sooooooooo long and even though i stray for a few month or maybe even years, i can always come back.

here we go again, a bullet list of all that has happened since we last met.

  • the girls are all doing well. Chloe is entering her sophomore year at Hunter College and doing super well. who knew that my shy little girl would grow into such a well spoken, articulate and driven young woman? she amazes me everyday. Miss Zoe is entering her junior year and making strides every, single, day. and then there is Devyn….my bittersweet little me child. AHHHHHHH, she makes life interesting to say the least. it is always interesting around here:)
  • the #maciasroadtrip2015 came to end and it was crazy to say the least. it has taken me this long to get back in order. we laughed, we cried, we fought but most of all we reconnected as a family. THAT was a good thing.
  • as far as i go? still documenting, still taking pictures, still writing down stories and adding visual elements. it is what i am and what i always will be. documenting is at my core:)
  • another thing i have been actively pursuing is reading. so far i have read about five book this summer. i will try and review them here soon.
  • one thing i will never, ever stop doing is watching movies…and man have i watched some duds….and many so-so’s and some GREAT ones. another thing to review at another time.


and so i go on….doing the things i love and getting from day to day in this crazy world we live in.

it is all GOOD:)

next time i will be doing a new overview of how i am documenting these days.


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