i miss having a blog. there i said it.

it has been months since i have blogged at all. it has been a crazy, crazy life here at the home of the macias tribe. a lot of what i have blogged has been about scrapbooking. why?

i have scrapbooked non-stop since 1998. it was my hobby, my identity and a major part of my life. Then, something funny happened. my kids grew up and the picture opportunities became fewer and fewer. no-one told me (or prepared me) for the fact that my teenagers would become allergic to my camera. the poor thing is gathering dust. it is the saddest thing ever.

so what happens now? well….i have decided that i want to document in another way. there are many things that i want to remember: pop culture, movies, events: the type of thing that does not necessarily belong in a scrapbook but is nonetheless important to ME.

of course, there will be scrappage. there always will be. right now i am starting a NOBUY spending freeze. That means that there will be no shopping for scrapping supplies. i am looking forward to it!

there will also be a return to all digital pages next year. i am looking forward to that too:) i am ready to go!



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