Where do we go from here?

this is my general consensus these days. lots of changes, too many for my anxiety ridden brain to deal with. so here is a bullet list, because it is easier to think in small bits and pieces.

  • devyn is graduating from 8th grade. my days as a mom of littles are officially over. it will be one of those things in life where you have to pull up the granny panties and get with the program.
  • the aforementioned child has blossomed into quite the emo child.whenever i complain, i am reminded that i was worse than she is. her wardrobe is all shades of blue and black with a generous amount of band t-shirts. sigh.
  • my big is making me prouder by the day. she finished her freshman year without losing her mind and is actually looking forward to next year. i love that she got my need for education and learning. always learning,
  • and my middle…..oh, my precious middle babe with all her stuff. she is a bundle of nerve endings that fire off ALL THE TIME. she keeps me on my toes.
  • a new phase is starting in our lives and it is sooooooo scary. say little prayer for me, if you are inclined:)
  • i had a little (ok not so little) health scare that put me in my place. yes, Universe…i get it, ok?
  • and that is about it.

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