a HUGE project photo dump:)

the last few weeks have been hard. being a single mom is not easy, but we are making it thru:)

a few bullet points about what i have been up to:

* stocked up on 6×8 sheet protectors and adhesive.

* started using my portrait more. it really helps when you are trying to budget scrap…it is so easy to just cut a bunch of titles and use them on pages instead of letter stickers or thickers.

*loving pocket scrapping, 8.5×11 and using digital elements on my pages.

* being ok with throwing scraps away, especially after i have made a bunch of projects with the same stuff.

*i actually read a whole BOOK: joyland by stephen king.

* trying to not geek out over the trailers for The Force Awakens. i will be so sad if it sucks.

and last, but not least, hoping that the snow does not stick:) the NYC is so not fun when the slush starts developing.

IMG_2165 IMG_2167  IMG_2169 IMG_2171 IMG_2174 IMG_2177 IMG_2179 IMG_2180 IMG_2181


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