today: college, pondering life and taking a day off.


this is me right before i went to college. how do i know? because my hair was still short (i let it grow out the summer before i went to school) maybe 1985-ish?


and this is my Chloe at her senior prom. how do i know? because i took fifty-three mazillion pictures.

the tribe is at the edge of another major step in our family life. it is scary. it is sad. it is nostalgic. it is a jumble of crazy. but then again, isn’t it all like that in our family?

Chloe is going to Hunter College in Manhattan as a Yalow Scholar. what does that mean?

it means that she decided to stay home and commute into the city for her bachelors degree. she is determined to make it out of her four years without any debt. it also means that she opted out of having a dorm life experience, but that is the way she is: so level headed and practical. she is thrifty and always looking for a way to save money, she is everything i wasn’t and I LOVE IT! i can deal with her at home for a few more years, you know?

as other parents are dealing with their kids leaving home, i am dealing with a lot of crazy feelings.i wish she would have that dorm experience, but i also know that eventually she will leave to start her life. this is only a little pause that we get to enjoy as a family.

she will leave….but i get a stay of execution:) and that is A-OK by me.

here’s to having ONE day at home with absolutely NO errands to run or things to do. these days are more and more precious as out lives get crazier-er:)

have a good one.


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