today: hybrid

if i were a scrapbook page, i think i would be a hybrid page.

when i receive a digital kit, i open it up and automatically my brain goes…”if only”. there are way too many wonderful designs out there to de done in paper, so why not print them and use them on my pages?20140401-123316.jpg


after i made my ALL digital page, i wanted it to have a little more dimension, plus i wanted to play with all the cute little pieces on the Karla Dudley LIfe Story March kit. usually my digital pages are very straightforward, so i wanted to have a little fun with this one.20140401-123325.jpg

i printed all my pieces on an 8.5×11 glossy paper by epsom and cut them all out:) so cute!20140401-123340.jpg

and this is what it looks like all put together. i had leftover banners from the life cards and a misc. piece of blue pattern paper on my desk. i used all of it on a page.20140401-123332.jpg

one of my favorite things to do is precut a bunch of titles on a piece of caca cricut  (waiting on my portrait today!), so i have them in a little container on my desk. LOVE IT!20140401-123349.jpg

hope you enjoyed today’s stroll thru hybrid land. next up is some pocket scrapping in a few days:)


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