Moving on and making new plans.

My one little word for this year is reduce.
We live in a small townhouse where space is at a premium. Things and possessions have to be constantly evaluated to make sure that our space does not become overwhelmed with stuff. One of the things that have gotten out of control are our family albums. I have touched on this on my blog many, many times and it is always a struggle between what I love and what I can realistically store in my house.
In that vein, I started digital scrapbooking in 2008. I had been memory keeping since 1998 and had accumulated way too many supplies. I downsized and turned to digital as a way of saving space and learning something new. I really needed that to refresh and get back to the happy part of scrapping.
Now, as I enter a new phase of my family life, I feel the need to switch things up again.for the last two years I have been doing 12×12 album where I mixed up large digital pages, pocket pages and pieces of memorabilia. I have tried doing monthly sections and yearly sections and even tried to do a weekly approach. That lasted exactly six weeks before I felt stifled.
So what to do now?
For the next few months I will be moving to a smaller pocket page format using Becky Higgins albums and digital elements and pages. We are not taking as many pictures are we were before and the kids are not the most willing of models. These are the few pictures I have taken in about three days:

I will print it as a 4×4 and put in my small album.
And it will be enough:)


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