Forget December Daily.


I have decided to not stress over a December Daily this year. As with everything else, I started making one but it sort of morphed into a remember Xmas past type thing. Ugh. So, I guess I will just keep doing my mish mash of traditional, hybrid, pocket pages and digital pages. It is all going into the same 12×12 PL albums and I call it done.
HOWEVER: I am watching a movie a day for December and I am really excited about it. This weekend we had a free preview cable thingie and I was able to get a lot of newer movies. We have netflix streaming, but new movies are really slow getting there.
Cloud Atlas: I give it three and a half stars. Luckily I woke up early and was able to watch it without interruption. I am not sure that I would have been able to process all the different timelines and stories without giving it my full attention. I will, however, give it up to Tom Hanks et al with being able to take on so many different characters. Really cool concept.
Decompressing is a big deal for me since being diagnosed with anxiety disorder and clinical depression, so I try to do something soothing at night. The girls have been doing a lot of reports and sneaking my scrapbook papers to decorate them. Can’t really complain, since they get awesome grades, but I find a lot of cut up papers. So, for an hour or so I take a few punches and die cuts to turn them into little pieces of nice paper that i can use to layer on my traditional pages. Works for me!


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