this is my PL life: right now.



feeling the need to get ALL my pictures into albums. not 3-ups, but pretty, easy to make albums.

so i started doing PL life again. we carved out a space in the storage room to put the bigger albums where they are safe from flooding and humidity.

i started with a PL album (honey), PL page protectors, the 5th and frolic edition and over 1.5 inched of unscrapped chloe pictures.

here is how it progressed in one afternoon:


and just like that ALL of pictures of miss chloe are done, caught up…FINISHED! i am now doing the rest of the girls pictures…hoping they will fit in one book. so easy, fun and DONE!

i am also doing a PL life book that will be a mix of ALL the different type of scrapping i am doing these days. it is good. digital, hybrid, traditional…it all works together to tell our story:)

*bad pics taken with my ipad mini. better pics soon!


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