my neglected blog.

ok. so maybe there are three people who read my blog. to those three, i say i am VERY sorry that i have not been keeping up with it. it was a long summer and has been an even longer start to the school year. with a senior on board, i find myself checking up on scholarships, schools and all that scary stuff. the stuff that i am NOT ready for. seriously. of course, she is a great kid with her head on straight and makes me PROUD every single day….but i worry. all. the. time. thankfully she has decided to stay home for her undergraduate degree and then figure out where she wants to go for the rest. by that time i hope i will see her as an adult and not my little long haired, chubby cheeked little girl. sigh.


i cannot believe that i am here, at this point in my life. October 2nd will be my 45th birthday. WTF? i have officially entered the late autumn of my life. it SUCKS.

so, that leaves me here… sulking my way thru middle age and refusing to believe that my fifties are around the corner. it’s ok though, because i have good company. 

and because it cannot be a full post with some talk of some kind of memory keeping, this is where i am at:

  • no-one wants to let me take their picture…not even the dog.
  • that’s ok, because i am working on a HUGE project for my god-child’s family. all digi.
  • i am doing project life type pages for me. plus a few paper and digital pages and it is all good. i have learned to let go.


…sometimes you just have too. right now my house is clean, my workout has been done, i have read a little and i am getting ready for when the kiddos get home.

it’s a good life, this one. i just have to remind myself more often.



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