busting out the old cricut


sometimes i just get the need to do some paper scrapping. it must be some kind of reflex thing because when it hits, it hits HARD. a few months ago i did a complete overhaul of my paper supplies before that i had even toyed with the idea of going totally digital. becoming paperless appealed to my wish to become minimal, to get rid of clutter…it has been an ongoing process for years. i slowly culled older supplies and gave them away. if you look at my work space you will see a few plastic paper boxes full with very finite embellishments, very few alphas and some stamps. i have a raskog cart that houses a few more scrappy things and then there is my desk.

today i spent a few hours with my old cricut; a hand me down from my mom years ago when she closed up her shop. i cut some  svg shapes and made a few pages and overall had fun with my stuff.

i also wanted to touch on another major development. i had had yet another EHD blow up on me. luckily i was able to pull most of the files and leave them on my hard drive. yet again, i had to cull and declutter. it as probably the best thing i could have done. it all works. it is all organic and it all ebbs and flows. and so do i:) i quit the digital kit club i have been a member of for years and i actually felt good about it.

one thing that i have come to understand is that i am very, very picky about what i use to make my pages. as i got rid of old stuff, i realized that most of the things that were unused were because i just did not like them. maybe i bought them because they were the latest and greatest or maybe they were given to me. there is always that nagging hoarder mentality, that little voice that says keep it…..you can use it for SOMETHING. chances are i won’t. nowadays the mental dialogue is more like does it fit? will i use it NOW? is it something i REALLY like?

i am liking heidi swapp stuff for my paper pages. also american crafts seems to have bought up most of the really cool companies,so i have some of that. whenever i have a 40 or 50% i make sure i get something i can use. sometimes i don’t even use the coupon at all. yeah, RIGHT? i know…it is so weird to do that.

which brings me full circle. my cricut. Lord, i have coveted a cameo or a portrait. it just does not make sense because the cricut i have WORKS. it gets the job done. my favorite-est designer Karla Dudley designs beautiful cut files and i am using them…don’t get me started on the digital stuff.

like i said, it all works. maybe it is not the stuff the cool kids. i shop the clearance aisle because it is all new to me. and i like it. and it is ALL ok!


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