huge overhaul of supplies:)

….and i feel waaayyyyy better:)

my EHD was failing, so i started pulling stuff off of it. as i went thru the folders upon folders upon folder of kits and things i had accumulated, it dawned on me.

* i do not need this stuff*

seriously? that is a revelation.

there is a way to scrapbook without all this extra stuff. it is possible. i went thru all my files and deleted away. there was so much stuff that i would never ever use. guess what? it felt good.

this was just the first got through….i am going to let it rest and then i am going in again to pare down some more. it is a theme with me these days. losing pounds, losing clutter, losing meds. it is possible to rebound. i know it is and i am going to do it.

my paper supplies have also gone thru a major transformation. i was thinking that i wanted to joining a kit club again, but why? i have tons of stuff…maybe it is not the newest or coolest, but it is good stuff. let’s face it…with three teens in the house now, the photo opportunities are few and far between.

i have some older pictures i want to scrap, and paper is the way to go for those. i am already project life-ing because i want to keep the little tidbits of paper contained in one place and of course….my photo album yearbooks.

and i am sticking to it. budget busting here i come!!!!!



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