oh Summer, where did you go?

this summer just FLEW by….sigh. of course, every time i make plans they get messed up….so i guess i will settle down inside with my computer while it RAINS and THUNDERS…again. bleh.



i am still on the WW wagon…trudging along and losing an average of 1 pound a week. one of the better effects of doing WW is getting back into regular working out. i sorta kinda missed it:) hoping to start doing yoga soon.



also, we are getting ready for the college process with Chloe this year. ACK! how the heck did that happen? she will be a senior this year and she continues to make me more than proud with her academic accomplishments. she is a chip off the old block:)



Zoe is doing what she does best….being Zoe:) HS is just around the corner for her and we are thrilled that she is continuing her inclusion program. YAY!



and after months of planning, zoe’s quince was a smashing success. i miss the looking forward to the day:( but she was thrilled and i was so happy for her:)



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