july is over and it was GOOD:)



well, HELLO there:) long time no see. now that august is finally here and we are finished with zoe’s quince, i can finally breathe!

this month is is full of new things, happy things, and new starts. school is just around the corner and chloe will be in her senior year of HS, zoe will be a freshman (how did THAT happen) and devyn will be in seventh grade. YIKES! as the chili peppers say: “the nights are long and the years are short when you’re alive”.

we are ready for everything that is to come!

i received my first mention at the GSO with this layout. fitting, yes? Image




we welcome Shavy into our family of babies! big sisters keyshia and mikaela are SO in love.


and we were blessed with little lucas who joins the apple of our eye mr. sebastian:) all the beautiful little boys!! God is Great.



we prepped for Zoe’s quince and after all was said and done, it was a GOOD party. by good, i mean AWESOME. she was thrilled that we had all of our loved ones there…minus a few:(



here is proof that we actually pulled it off:)


i resurrected project life because honestly i would never be able to get all the quince pictures done as digital pages. and it is good for now:) now i can focus on getting the REALLY good pictures scrapped in paper or digital without worrying that something is going to get left behind.



and to start off august the right way., we had our annual trip to johnny’s reef in city island.

and that is pretty much what is up with the Macias Tribe. i am hoping to share digital,  traditional paper. project life and hybrid stuff. i have so many pictures to work with and it feels good!!!

until next time…..


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