Chronological? Bleh!

Do you know that feeling when something is so deeply engrained into your psyche that it seems impossible to breakout of? I have been on the chronological order roller coaster on and off since I began Scrapbooking in 1998. Now that I am basically all digital for my new pages, I have been able to reconcile with that part of my brain. I get two pagers done every few weeks that represent whatever has been going on and those will eventually become 8×8 bound photo books. It is easy and fun and I don’t freak out whenever my OCD kicks in.
NOW, I have a small pile of of older printed pictures that I have been working into paper pages, project life type projects and smaller snap books. There are times when
I want to get artsy and I will do an 8.5 x 11 page and that is ok. I have a set of binder that i put those in and we love looking thru them. Other times I just want to get a memory into my books and I will do a 12×12 page in a project life binder and that is ok too.


It all works and it all is part of the bigger picture.


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