Sn@p Albums. I LOVE ‘EM!

Lord KNOWS i have tried to do project life….but if you have ever read my blog, you know it has not gone well at all. the size of the page protectors was just too big.12×12 is just not in the cards for me! And then i discovered Sn@p Albums. They are readily available at Michael’s and are very, very affordable. Today i was feeling the need to get a quick project done and finished, so i took out a few piles of 4×6 and went to work.


Step 1: start cutting pictures into 3×4 rectangles. most of my pictures were older, so they lent themselves well to cropping.


step 2: project is taking shape as i cut a bazillion christmas photos. i also threw out about 30 that were redundant. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO TRASH!


Step 3: this is what my big piles of pictures looked like when i finished cropping. cool, huh?



Step 4: i had about 7 pictures left that i could not crop into 3×4, so i kept those intact and they will be incorporated into the album (there’s a page protectors for those as well:)





step 5: start to fill in the blanks:) i am not even trying to do things the pictures fall wherever and it is all GOOD:)




step 6: done with volume one and starting volume two. as much as love the concept of project life, sn@p albums are the perfect fit for me…not too large and not too small!


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