teenage style:) chloe @16

one of the hardest things about being a mom to three teenage girls is the CLOTHES! sometimes it is just too much trying to get things that they all like. all three are wearing basically the same size in both clothes and shoes. it makes for a LOT of early morning fights.

another thing that we hold true on our household is being modest. if i had a dime for every time i tell the kids NO, that is TOO (fill in the blank), well…it would have a lot of dimes. no booty shorts, no midriff baring, no showing of the boobies, no miniskirts unless there are tights, no see thru shirts. and that basically leaves us with NOTHING to wear:)

that does not mean that the kids are naked:) we just have to shop with a clear head and a SUPER budget. we have trained the girls well and they will not even think of buying anything unless it is on sale, clearance or BOGO.

i see a lot of style blogs and honestly…it is hard to find any modest posts. so here is one:) i will try and do more of these type of blog posts because these are the things that i want to remember when the girls leave the nest. sigh.



i thought this was such a cool outfit: jacket from Land’s End @ sears, t-shirt from Hot Topic, floral jeans from Delias and boots from DSW


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