Dear Planet:) the POLLEN!!!

zoh meh gerd. please let the pollen ease up just a little so i can feel halfway normal again. this season has started up killer and i am on yet another med cocktail to help my sinuses deal. the lungs are not much better and i am on dulera and proventil. sigh. the flowers sure are pretty though (when i look at them from behind glass).

BUT enough of that:) i haven’t scrapped as much as i usually do because of my allergies, but the last few days i have been editing and template-ing photos like a mad woman. it is a part of my process: edit and process pictures, throw them into templates and put them into a nice little folder where they wait for me to get inspired. it is backwards from when i used to scrap paper…so much of it was product driven because of publishing that the last thing i would do was add pictures. funny how processes change over time:) now my iphone is my primary camera, though i do have a beautiful dslr…i just want to capture the moments with the kids because DANG they are growing up fast. 

are you ready for a page dump? LOL…here it goes:


i am pretty sure there are more that i have not shared, but it has been a while. back to the grind.


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