why do i still paper?



the day i stopped craving paper is still very clear in my head. we went to michael’s for something…i cant remember but there was a bin with paper pads marked for clearance and i went straight to it. i did not buy anything. that moment was the turning point in my decision to go digital for the majority of my scrapbooking. over the years i have purged my stuff over and over again…trying to get to a point where i could start over. my current pictures are all scrapped so all i really have to do is go back into the archives of printed pictures; something that is very, very paralyzing for me. it is getting done though. below are some examples:)


i still have a bunch of 8.5×11 binders (it is my preferred size to scrap) and have been working diligently to fill them up. also, i have been collecting smaller binders whenever i see them on sale. the bottom picture is a bunch of Sn@p page protectors i purchased with 25% at michaels. i will eventually get the binder that fits. all of it is active memory keeping and it all works into the big picture:)



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