why i edit.

i take a lot of crappy pictures.
and i wish they weren’t so crappy.
i wish i took AMAZEBALL pictures 24 seven. but, sadly, i don’t.
so i photoshop the bejesus out of them, hoping that they will somehow convey the feeling i was looking for.
the left image is straight out of camera, a cold day right before the holidays. i like the taken from behind type pictures.
the picture is sooooooooo not good.
i ran the following actions on PSE:
all by yellowskyactions.com
1. mr fix it.
2. snap crackle pop brushed @100% opacity on the whole image.
3. majestical @ 100%.
the image is far from perfect…but it takes me back to the day i took the picture and the memory is clearer than ever.
it’s all good.

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