shopping the stash: it can be done!!

after many, many years of making product driven pages and projects, i had to break a very hard habit of backwards scrapping.
for a while i was able to find pictures first, arrange them and then figure out paper and embellishments.
it felt like work.
so much like work that i didn’t work that way for long.
and then i found digital scrapping.
so much better.
now i find templates i like, fit my pictures with the layers, add or delete elements and then i’ll let it simmer for a while in a folder on my desktop.
sometimes i will just plow thru a page in 20 minutes if i know exactly what i want.
as a result of whittling down the designers i REALLY like and keeping my stash under control, i am able to make pages i truly love.
plus no excess of pictures:)))) 
this is one of those pages that make me go AWWWWWWWW:) the pictures are not the best quality, but the memory is. it was a magical evening.
freebie template here:
and this amaze*balls kit was via
if you are thinking going digital you NEED to get the dailydigi.
just saying:)


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