budget digital scrapping: a plan for the rest of 2012.

ok….it is that time again.
the dh has placed me on a scrapbooking budget.
what does that budget include?
i made a breakdown last nite that was ok for us both…and realistic.
1. i will keep my subscription to the dailydigi.com that is $7.50 a month.
2. i will be able to print a max of two photo books for the year, each for 6 months for the bulk of my pages.
3. what does not belong in the photo books will be printed @ costco, as long as we have excess $.
4. NO digital kits, new albums or paper supplies unless positively absolutely needed.
5. PL will be continued:) with ONLY the supplies i have @ home. good thing i stocked up on page protectors:)
i will be on the hunt of freebies and will be sure to post the origins here @ the blog.
there will be some paper scrapping soon too!
here is the start of the budgeting:)
find the template here:
and the freebie kit here:

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