the last few weeks i have been blogging less and less, trying to get into a new rhythm.
i talk a LOT…but writing is another story:)
my blogging has always been more of pages/pictures with just a few words thrown in, just because that is what my scrapbooking has been about for the last 10 or so years.
as i take more pictures to please myself and to learn more about photography, i find that i am scrapping them less and less.
going digital has made it even more so.
another thing i have been doing is taking better care of myself, working out and eating better…but i am not going into detail about that here…i am not trying to lose weight but trying to get stronger. BUT, if i lose a few pounds i am not going to complain:)
as far as the scrappage goes….it is all about the little stories these days
some pages for my “life” binders. i like this kind of stuff these days. makes doing other things soooooo easier:)

looking back @ the days when the kiddos were little. it seems so long ago!

project life leftovers are AWESOME. and so are preprinted cards. i like it.

my one and only copy of our wedding invitation.

a little 8×8 hybrid page. i used a digital page cut down and added some letter stickers and pattern paper.
i got some washi tape…. can u tell?? for the record, the following photos on these beach pages were spread over NINE 8.5×11 pages…i like 3 better:) plus i used a bunch of old crap, i mean stuff.

check out the recycled cardboard box from  PL…i cut a circle…with NO circle cutter:)

and that is all i have for today:)


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