one 12×12 = 9 pictures.

frugal = cheap and i have become the world’s cheapest scrapper:)
after years and years and years of hoarding and accumulating i decided that enough was enough.
one huge purge and a lot of small de-cluttering fixes, i am left with a hodgepodge of stuff that i am determined to use because, well…i can:)
this is one of those type of pages.
i went thru ALL of my kids’ birthdays that were already printed and triaged like CRAZY!
most are in project life page protector that i will eventually get embellished, some i chucked all-together and there were some that were put into my little box of library of memories pictures.
i had nine pictures that i wanted to make sure were on a single 12×12.

figuring out how to out them together on a 12×12.

finishing the page. i added a strip of SU paper, some tags and letter stickers.

i am forgoing the journaling because i really don’t have much to say about that day (my brain is swiss cheese these days).
and that is that:)
ohhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh.


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