summer freebie # 10: 3 paper peonies:)

one of my lifestyle goals is (and has been for about 4 years) to minimize the way i scrap.
for many years my hobby was pretty much product driven. being on design teams and making pages for my mom’s store dictated how and why i did make pages and layouts.
since then i purged(successfully) and have stuck to a plan.
the space in our home is very, very limited and in my old age i have found myself being more and more bothered with clutter. i REALLY like one photo pages, but it just takes up too much space…along with 12×12 albums.
SO, that has left me with 8.5×11 and smaller.
my digital pages are almost always printed as 8×8 and now as i am getting back into paper, i am limited to filling up the 8.5×11 binders that are already in place on my bookshelves.
so we get to the freebie part:)
follow the link and get to this really cool collage freebie from three paper peonies.
i modified it a little and added a brush from karla dudley for my title.
later on (after i finish de-cluttering) i’ll print it out and make a nice little cohesive page with 10 pictures on it:)
nice and simple.
just how i like it!
the template out of the printer.

trimmed and with the edges sanded with a block.

journaling added on a piece of vellum and stapled on.

i also added a few photo corners and a little tab @ the top of the page.
and just like that a little more of the paper stash is used:)


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